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Askar Off-Axis Guider OAG with 1.25" Holder and M42, M48 & M54 Threads

Askar Off-Axis Guider OAG with 1.25" Holder and M42, M48 & M54 Threads

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Quick Overview

  • Askar M54 off-axis guider supports imaging with up to full-frame astronomy cameras
  • Includes M42, M48, and M54 adapters and extension rings to attach to a wide range of cameras
  • Interfaces with guide camera with included 1.25” adapter or standard M42 thread
  • Large 10mm x 10mm prism makes it easier to select guide stars
  • Made from black-anodized CNC-machined aluminum

Product Details

The Askar M54 off-axis guider (OAG) offers a premium autoguiding solution for astrophotographers. This versatile OAG supports full-frame astronomy cameras and features a large 10mm x 10mm prism which gives a larger field of view that makes it easier to select a guide star.

The Askar M54 OAG includes threaded M42, M48, and M54 adapters to easily interface with a wide range of cameras. It also includes M42 and M48 adapters and an M54 gasket for use on the telescope side. The top of the OAG has a 1.25” adapter and M42x0.75 threads to give you two options to attach the guide camera (sold separately). It also features a scaled helical focuser with 10mm of travel to help you easily achieve focus with the guide cam.

The Askar OAG has a thickness of 19.5mm. It includes three threaded 18mm extender rings to match the M42, M48, and M54 camera adapters to help achieve a 55mm back focus when using cameras with a sensor recessed by 17.5mm. The extender rings can be replaced by a filter wheel of the appropriate thickness and thread size (sold separately). If a camera with a back focus other than 17.5mm is used, other extender rings will be required (sold separately).

Like all Askar products, this M54 off-axis guider is also attractively constructed with a delicate matte black anodized finish on a precision CNC-machined aluminum body.

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