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Askar Losmandy Style Universal Dovetail Plates

Askar Losmandy Style Universal Dovetail Plates

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Many dovetail plates have only a few holes and slots for attaching your astronomy accessories. But this heavy-duty Losmandy-style plate from Askar includes plenty of connection points and gives you many options to securely attach your tube rings, guiding rings, and cameras. The plate also includes four half-threaded holes tapped close to the edge of width, two on each side respectively. When you put four screws from the bottom, the screws will prevent the dovetail plate from accidental slippage when placed on an EQ mount. This premium plate is made from lightweight aluminum alloy with an attractive scratch-resistant red anodized finish that looks great with all astronomy equipment.

LDP200 Weight: 600g/21.2oz
LDP300 Weight: 1kg/2lb-3.3oz
LDP400 Weight: 1.2Kg

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