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Askar Colour Magic C1 Duo-band Filter (Hα+OIII) 2"

Askar Colour Magic C1 Duo-band Filter (Hα+OIII) 2"

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Warning: As a critical safety reminder, this filter is not intended for solar observation. It should NEVER be used to observe the sun directly, as it can result in irreversible blindness. EDISLA does not assume responsibility for any incidents that may occur due to improper usage.

ColourMagic C 2" Duo-band filter is a professional astrophotography tool specifically designed for deep-sky imaging. The ColourMagic C1 duo-band filter is Ha+OIII filter.

Product introduction


Colour Magic C1 Duo-band filter (Hα+OIII) has a high transmittance of over 90% at its center wavelength (500.7nm and 656.6nm). It can effectively improve the quality of the image by making the sky background of the image darker while maximizing the contrast throughout the image, enhancing the contrast of your pictures, and making it easier to display the details of the stars. In areas with very serious light pollution, this filter can also selectively filter light pollution and cluttered signals through the emission lights of the nebula to achieve the ideal shooting effect.



C1 Duo-band Filter (OIII & Ha) 2”




500.7nm & 656.6nm

Peak transmittance



2 ± 0.05mm

Barrier property

OD3 @ 200-1000nm

Surface finish




IC 1848 Soul Nebula(HOO)  |  ASKAR 103APO+0.6x Full-frame Reducer+ASI 2600MC Pro  |  Colour Magic C1 Duo-band Filter (Hα+OIII)

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